Architecture is about reaching out and grabbing a project's full potential.

about us...

As an experienced architect, I foster clear communication with my clients by being honest and direct. To me, architecture is about combining my knowledge of technology and aesthetics, and then going beyond this knowledge to have an uncompromising resolve to find out about people, their wants, needs and ways of doing things. I draw on my experience and ask my clients many questions, discovering what it is they really expect from a project.

I have been a licensed Architect since 1978, and have design expertise in housing, commercial and institutional projects. I have practiced architecture in Arizona and Colorado for over twenty-five years and am well-versed in the local codes, ordinances, and review processes. I am also familiar with local builders, building practices and construction methods for the area. Our firm provides a full range of architectural services.

Graduate of Rice University, Houston, Texas
Licensed in Colorado and Arizona